Metal Desk

We manufacture our particular assortment of kids study desk as attractive to our child users. Studying is a strenuous job and therefore our kids study desk are attracts our clients with their exclusive craftsmanship. The entire array can be customized as per the citations of our clients.

Some of the features of our kids study desks are :

  • Light weight
  • Finished edges
  • Enduring finish
DFPSMD-301 Zoom
DFPSMD-302 Zoom
DFPSMD-303 Zoom
DFPSMD-304 Zoom
DFPSMD-305 Zoom
DFPSMD-306 Zoom
DFPSMD-307 Zoom
DFPSMD-308 Zoom
DFPSMD-309 Zoom
DFPSMD-310 Zoom
DFPSMD-311 Zoom
DFPSMD-312 Zoom
DFPSMD-313 Zoom
DFPSMD-314 Zoom
DFPSMD-315 Zoom
DFPSMD-316 Zoom
DFPSMD-317 Zoom
DFPSMD-318 Zoom
DFPSMD-319 Zoom
DFPSMD-320 Zoom
DFPSMD-321 Zoom
DFPSMD-322 Zoom
DFPSMD-323 Zoom
DFPSMD-324 Zoom
DFPSMD-325 Zoom
DFPSMD-326 Zoom
DFPSMD-327 Zoom