School Furniture Manufacturer

As a leading furniture manufacturer for schools and play-schools, we at Decent Furniture & Play Material concentrate on producing the best quality tables and chairs. Apart from furniture, we also manufacture play-school material like swings, slides, etc. that provide physical activity and fun time for tiny tots.


Decent Furniture & Play Material was established by Mr S.K. Malhotra in the year 2000. Under his visionary and able guidance, we have successfully established ourselves as a trustworthy manufacturing of school and office furniture. Adaptability, responsiveness and trustworthiness are the three prominent attributes on which we operate our business and strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Some Of Our Clients

  • Kids Furniture
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Swings
  • Lab & Library Furniture
  • Garden Benches
  • Office Furniture
  • Water Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Water Parks

School Furniture and School Play Equipment

The requirements of furniture for schools and play-schools are different from the regular workplaces. When it comes to manufacturing school furniture, the overall growth and convenience aspects of children must be taken into account at the drawing board. School Classroom Furniture must be suited to the growing needs of a child and must have adequate provisions like bag holders, ample space, etc.


Apart from storage space, school and play-school furniture must be ergonomic for young children. As children spend a high amount of time in school, the furniture used in such an area must provide comfort in sitting for long durations. Cushioned seats, padded rest handles, footrests, etc. are essential for reducing strains on the body of a child.


Another area of importance is the type and quality of raw material and workmanship in manufacturing school furniture. At Decent Furniture & Play Material, we focus on producing furniture from eco-friendly material that is non-toxic and suitable for children of all ages. As for pre-school furniture and play structure like swings, slides, chairs, etc. we use good quality wood and plastic that gives comfort to children during their study and play time.


Quality of our School Furniture

We ensure our products have good quality through a battery of quality tests to ensure a long life. With the use of modern equipments and machinery, we are able to manufacture and deliver high quality products in a short period. We associate ourselves with child development experts to ensure that the products are actually beneficial in stimulating the interest and learning aspects within a child.


The time that a child spends at school is one of the most valuable periods in their life. To grow and learn, the school must have a good ambience and infrastructure to meet the needs of students. At Decent Furniture & Play Material, we focus on contributing to the growth and development of a child through our products.


We look forward to serve the future of India with our contribution towards the learning and intellectual development of children by providing the best quality school furniture and essential equipments at the most affordable price.